Showing More Than A Boarding Pass

Private businesses I hope will always have the ability to refuse service to anyone within the framework of the law. Regarding airlines, safety should be the first and foremost order of business but as long as their policies are clearly stated during the reservation and booking process, they like restaurants should have the right to establish certain standards that are in the best interest of their customer base. I have traveled my entire adult life and have found my experience to be as a general rule very pleasing. I have witnessed the patience of fly attendants in dealing with rude, inconsiderate, and often drunk passengers artfully. Trust me they do not want bad press. Airlines are struggling but continue to offer new and improved services like internet on board, easy booking and seat selection on line, and the modern terminals have such better food and beverage & shopping services. I often analyze the cost to fly versus driving especially within 500 miles of home base and most times flying wins out. I am a million miler in many FF programs and consider the airline industy while not perfect, a solid industry. Like with mortgages and credit cards, people rarely read the fine print (myself included) but are quick to whine and call lawyers when there’s a little burp in their plans. My advice. Step off. Go around the corner. Buy a t shirt at one of the myriad of shops and reboard. Unless you want some free publicity which in my opinion is the bottom line here. Andy Warhol was right. As to cleavage, I have no personal objections. Terrorist shirts gramatically correct or not. I can see the potenality there. Seat backs up. Tray tables locked. Turn off the iPhone. Sit back and relax. Pretzels only this flight. Someone on board is allergic to peanuts. Oh well.

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