Flip Flops are for wearing…not for time

I love flip flops but not so much when it comes to Time Standards. From my perspective, we should have continued the move to the Metric System and take a long hard look at a permanent Time Standard that is the most efficient. I also prefer the 24 hour time clock as well. As a side note, National Geographic continues to not only be an informative magazine but it is still one of the most beautiful pieces of art around. In an age when the printing industry is under seige by digital, it yet again proves that both can co-exist. The cable channel is so much fun and makes science so visually entertaining. Is this a deal breaker for me one way or the other? Not really. When it gets dark, I turn on the light. Discussing long term increasing energy demands, that’s another question. ***After watching Magnum PI and realizing that a Ferrari’s beauty operates outside of any time standard, the final season had Thomas Magnum’s “time of death” recorded as 11:05AM. He then immediately wakes up and asks for a “pint of stout”, echoing Higgins’ story heard earlier. After his “awakening”, Magnum goes two weeks without speaking. During his rehab, he finally speaks and says, “time has little to do with infinity and jelly doughnuts”. That rates with the Ryokan quote about where I live- The East Edge of the Milky Way. Figure you can’t miss me.

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