Peterman Rides Again

I have just finished for the third time, Peterman Rides Again, a book that is well written and describes J Peterman, the real one, and his signature Cowboy Duster. This book details the rise and fall and re-rise if that’s a word of a man who has cajones in a world where they are in limited supply. It has inspired me in my EKG readout of a business career. His Owner’s Manual catalog of truly unique items along with Banana Republic’s catalog carried me through the 80’s and 90’s and I receive the newer versions online and blog at Peterman’s Eyedentity as often as I can.

I like the lessons that failure teaches for we all have our experience with it. I encourage others to buy and read this obscure and enjoyable book of great wisdom and when faced with adversity just do it and as he advises never say never. Never!


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