yin yout and the rand connection

I go from the warm southland to the cool blue north. I see sunshine in the morning and then a beautiful snowfall in the afternoon like yesterday. I am in and then I am out as I fly around on a metal bird @ 30,000+ feet. Last track, I was at about 15 million miles and to think I was happy when I got my first American Airlines Million Mile card fifteen years ago.

I carry my old Haliburton red case with my travel stickers affixed for old time’s sake. It is scratched and scuffed like its owner but that’s okay. You see you either play the game with the cards you are dealt or you are out hence “yin or yout”. I was thinking that while I chomped my peanuts, had a cold brew and worked the NY Times Crossword. I was a good tired so I took a nap while the engines whined. When you fly you never complain about the engines whining, that’s a very good thing. “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.” thought Ayn Rand and I see life and I am right in the middle of it.

But people shouldn’t whine if they are “yin” because as long as you are breathing you should be playing and then…well the future’s for another discussion. Suffice to say, God wants me here right now and so I will relish each moment and be thankful.

So yin or yout.


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