Eureka with a little von Mises logic mixed in

The “light bulb” or “aha!” answer seems to appear from thin air as if snatched from that elusive Gulf Breeze I love. Eureka does rely on a very different method of thinking from normal problem-solving, as indicated by research performed in the United States. An experiment, which used an EEG, measured brainwave activity as subjects solved problems. About a third of a second before a problem was solved with insight there was a sudden burst of high-frequency activity. This appears to mark the moment of inspiration. Howard Gardner, Professor of Education and Cognition at Harvard University, said: “If there is one human trait that would seem impervious to scientific study, it is intuition or insight — that seemingly non-rational ‘aha!’ that accompanies sudden recognition or solution. “

I link truth with energy and love with truth. Eureka moments, for me, are very high energy times and are full of love and truth. These epiphanies of mine will remain magical for me, but in showing that distinctive brain activity characterizes insight, while being absent on solutions bereft of insight, scientists have helped me to understand the creative process. I also link real science and Divine truth. But I am always careful not to let the emotion carry me away as it was von Mises who rightly said, “Truth refers to what is or was, not to a state of affairs that is not or was not but would suit the wishes of the truth-seeker better.” So I shall always scrutinize my EUREKAS carefully. Tommy T

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