christmas cogitations

A few years ago, I got to be Mark Twain in a Steeple Christmas Show in my rendition of “SAMMY DOES MAUI”. The great one did spend time in Hawaii but probably did not sing Buffet songs. I added that part. Anyway, I do so love the Christmas break though most of you who know me well know that summer has my heart. I don’t like socks or coats. Though, I do like scarves.

I was meditating this morning and thought about how I have spent the Christmas break in tropical places like Cancun with friends and on big snowy mountains like Aspen, Colorado; Mount Hood, Oregon; Whitefish, Montana; and Park City, Utah. My knee hurts from the activities I enjoy but I do them whenever I can. I once went camping on my own boyhood mountain, Walden’s Ridge with the Boy Scouts and often by my fishing stream, the Clinch River. I liked playing with fire and knives and all the other things Mom didn’t want me to play with. I came home from college one Christmas on my motorcycle in an ice storm and when I took off my jeans they stood up on their own. One time right around New Year’s Day in the late 70’s, my brother had me scuba diving as a rank amateur in the Cumberland River to raise a sunken barge and I came up so cold I could not hold a cup of broth long enough to drink it. I once set a Christmas tree on fire when I was a bachelor living at Nashboro Village and a leaky fondue caused a blaze. But I got it out and a disaster became one of my stories.

I say all of this to say I am a blessed man with many adventures under my belt and I have the scars and financial statements that read like EKG’s to prove it but I say all of this to say that spending any Christmas with my family under the watchful eyes of the Lord is what it is all about. I am firing up the grill and throwing on some burgers in a driving rainstorm and will pop a cold one or two and be thankful for the memories of this crazy thing called life. tt

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