The rather obscure Arnold Geulincx

The rather obscure, Arnold Geulincx had a inquisitive thought and his question was a piece of unfinished business that to him was left in an obscure and unsatisfactory state by none other than Descartes of Cogito ergo sum fame (or more precisely in French, “Je pense, donc je suis” or to us rednecks, I think therefore I is). Whereas Descartes made the union of soul and body rather a violent collocation, Geulincx practically called the union a miracle.

I do not believe that anyone has to limit themselves to one name their whole life. I can think and therefore be anyone I choose. I likenicknames. As a kid, one of mine was Hickey.

Further, I certainly like the well chosen nom de plum or self prescribed moniker. Mine as a boy adventurer was Koma. In my literary and poetic world, I am Tommy Typical. In my emails, I am Hicks, Pi, and Is.

Thinking and being is indeed a miracle in my book!

Tommy T

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