oz didn’t give nothin

The rock group America sang that Oz didn’t give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have…I wasfondly recalling thewonderful taste ofa good Chiantiand thinking how I wished I could go to a friend’s houseon Thursday for homemade Lasagna and a side ofspiritualpasta withtimeless sauce.Regardless of my not being able to attend, Iremain in an Italian mood, bothhungry and a little philosophical, so here we go- The terms “Machiavellian” or “Machiavellism” aretossed aboutby arm chair philosophers like meeven if Machiavelli did not exactly invent “Machiavellism” and may not even have been a “Machiavellian” in the sense often ascribed to him.What is isn’t?

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