hat trick

To lie is akin to talking through your hat. If you agree in advance to eat your hat, you’re probably betting on a sure thing. If it’s old hat, it’s out of style. If you’re mad as a hatter, you’re suffering from a brain disorder because hat makers worked with dangerous fumes and were often thought to be drunk. If you arrive with your hat in hand, you’re being contrite and humble. Passing the hat means you’re looking for a hand-out or contribution. If something is as tight as Dick’s hat band, it’s just, well, too tight, like the original Dick, aka Richard Cromwell, who’s hat was the crown of England, one he didn’t get to wear. If you get three goals in a game, you get a hat trick. If you want to run for office, you throw your hat in the ring. Hat’s off for kudos. A feather in your cap is an achievement and the list goes on and on proving that we can wear many hats real and figuratively and you can hang your hat on that.


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