galvanized wash tubs

I have fond memories of swimming and I have always enjoyed the water. When I emerged from my posh East Tennessee swimming pool in 1956 which in reality was a galvanized wash tub, I felt pretty darn good according to the smile on my face in an old photo my mother gave me.

My pool was commonly known as a galvanized wash tub in those parts. No diving allowed. I was not quite two years old at the time the picture was taken and I didn’t even know such a thing as death even existed though around that same time, I was tumbling down a steep stairway in a stroller accident and almost crossed over. I can still see the alarm in my mom’s eyes when she talks about it. Personally I like talking about how I escaped death though I don’t even remember it at all or do I?

If longevity has anything to do with relationships or friendship, then perhaps death is our friend, if for no other reason to remind us of life.

That old galvanized wash tub was asrefreshing to me as the olympic size pool at the resort hotel in the Keys. Everything has its season.


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