it all comes out in the wash

It was one of those daysover the weekend.

From Mead’s point of view, a crisis is a “crucial time” or a turning-point. Nothing will ever be the same again.

On the down side,a crisis is a threat to the individual’snormal routinesin this world and perhaps one’s expectations beyond. On thepositive side, it is a realopportunity to changeandenhance the individual’s sense ofidentity and broadenone’s world view.

So let me get this straight. It would appear that crises may in fact undermine the sense of freedom of choice; and yet, it is also true that crises constitute opportunities for the exercise of freedom since such “breaks” or”shake downs”in our daily experiences demand that we make decisions as to what we are “going to do now.” In this way, break-downs might be viewed as break-throughs.

Freedom denied at one turn is rediscovered at another.

Mom said “it all comes out in the wash.”



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