modus operandi

I try to apply fairness to my own ethical modus operandi forinteracting with humans who come from all sorts of backgrounds and belief systems.

Like a microcosm of the universe,in my little world, mysense of fair playisbased upon the TenCommandments written in my heart (whether it is posted on a wall somewhere or not) which has served both Jews and Christians well for thousands of years; the United States Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights, which has served the greatest republic in the history of civilization well;thevows that my wife and I made over twenty years ago to each other for our time together here; and above all, the law of indescribable love that manifests itself to me inthat voice that I heardas aboy when God said to me as I sat atop Walden Ridge, my boyhood mountain,

“Relax, Tommy,you are eternal,” and I said, “Yes, I believe you.” with a toothless grin. Though I say it now with a store-bought toothy smile, the story remains the same.

The flaws of individuals do not distract me from the perfection of these ideals.


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