1958 Quests and Peccadillos

Beginning My Quest 1958

John Locke’s blank slate, the tabula rasa, is that consciousness slate on which the self begins to be written and is not unlike Miss Wallace’s blank slate, the old chalkboard in my first grade classroom, where me continued his quest to find out who me was/is/shall be so I wrote this verse some years ago in that musing & to my greater spiritual understanding.

When I behave like less than me
Or pretend I am more than me
I seek most desperately to be
What it is that I can not be
Not content to be the spawn
But evil icon of the spawn
A product of instinct and brawn
Forsaking my spirit to my brawn
Incomplete and insincere
In defeat while insincere
And operating out of fear
In concert with what I fear
For God is my totality
Eternal law ‘tis my totality
I play the game I kiss duality
Saved by God from this duality
Who I am not what I do
What I become is what I do
Time is friend and time is foe
I’m my friend and I’m my foe

Ultimately, Anything that seems simple is definitely not. Tommy Typical

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