Speakin’ Chillin’ese

I do some crazy stuff in my office like standing on my head. I did it in first grade on the playground to impress the girls and one-up the guys. As the years have gone by I realize there’s really nothing to gain by constantly trying to get and hold someone else’s attention. In fact it is highly improbable.

I have come to a new island called Chill. It operates on Tommy Bahama’s and my recurring theme entitled Relax and my expansion of that principle is “you can relax” even in the midst of others who are always engaged in an uptight competition for that child like attention and its implied “Look at me.”

It was so refreshing, like my mom’s homemade lemonade, to finally learn for myself that no one on earth can give me the approval I was seeking on the playground.

Here on Chill I am reminded that it wasn’t and still isn’t to this day theirs to give. The truth is the more I come to understand the veracity of this advanced understanding of reality, the less inclined I will be to give myself away to anybody or anything. Here on Chill no one cares about the bullshit (pardon my Chillin’ese)you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love the real you.

Over and over again, God teaches us the unchanged spiritual lesson that no one can give us what can only be found within our self, not the self which is ego and wants to impress and must be constantly renewed but the real self, the eternal spirit. That’s what people on Chill really care about.

I had to get beyond just discussing truth and gain a personal understanding of it.

I had to take ownership of my life which requires a lot of secret work. That is why Moses went to Sinai, Jesus to the Desert, Spinoza left his home, Thoreau ventured off into the woods, and Tommy Typical hung out on Walden Ridge.

The blood rushes to my head after a while of livingupside downy and I roll over to a more relaxed and comfortable position remembering that it hurts after a while trying to impress others who are trying to impress others who are…. Well you get it. Like calculating pi there is no answer for such gyrations, only infinity.

So as we say on the island, Relax.

Greetings from Chill


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