I as in Icarus

Considering Icarus I seek now to escape
I fly with Daedalus from this prison cell
No earth king controls the space above
Nor can confine me to this visceral hell

Too low and dampness will clog my wings
Excessively high and the wax grows soft
Flight and collapse merely distant cousins
One decrees to drop and one to remain aloft

I glide in idyllic rapture in view of all below
My hubris the pride of the mortal assails me
Feathery wings detach from Heaven’s radiance
One naked man plunges into the cobalt sea

But instead of stories of one who is ever lost
Speak of the creature that has now been found
Who flew with delight into the great mystery
First beyond and then beneath this ground

For I Icarus this dimension is not a valid home
Nor circumstances the composition of my dying
With my Phoenix inspiring my winged renewal
Look at me, Father, I am always flying


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