Peace Potential

World peace, in its immense complexity, must and can only begin with a single soul who was pointed out by a star and that is the basis of my personal faith and the meaning of Christmas to me.

That soul is also yours and that soul can change the world. Mahatma Gandhi said once, “To believe that what has not occurred in history will not occur at all is to argue disbelief in the dignity of man.”

So while I’m willing to wait, and if I must, reluctantly support conflict from time to time, I am not willing to ultimately compromise peace and I demand progress for my support. Old Aristotle advised, “Practice is the best of all instructions.”

Therefore, I will preach, teach, and beseech peace all my born days even while the short-term state of affairs pronounces war. When the die is cast and we are fighting I must choose the side where liberty is most prevalent and that means America because I know the hearts of its people and the principles on which it was founded. As a Road Warrior I have been out there and I’m satisfied with what I’ve witnessed in the peeps. But regarding the politicians, I am in bed with Will Rogers and I agree with his advice, “What this country needs is more working men and fewer politicians.”

“You are a foolish idealist” folks sometimes say to me. Others say I must be drunk. Been there done that, but the chiding will not detract me. I know the current state of affairs does not lend itself to immediate change but I require progress in the world as I do in my own heart and life. In that respect, if I am foolish, I am in good company with all the great thinkers whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. I just want to be educated by my times and I want to impact my times and I will not become cynical about such sacred matters as peace and love and forgiveness.

I, like some of my greatest heroes,Jesus Christ, Moses and King David, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and Thoreau understand that all things take time and sacrifice. That understanding does not mean that I surrender one iota of my faith in the premise that peace is possible. It simply means that I have patience with humanity as an adult just like my mom, Callie had patience with me, her adventuresome son.She dropped everything and came to get meat the Dalton, Georgia jailhouse after I was arrested for hitchhiking, trying to get toFlorida. I wasa young teenand clueless. She hadand has the patience of Job.

It is a rare but necessary commodity in modern society lest we become contemptuous and lose site of our imaginings. Never stop dreaming.

The greatestgiftwill come whenweopen upto ourinfinite possibilities and those are wrapped temporarily in human flesh not shiny paper and pretty bows.


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