Season Greetings from Hickey

Aloha and Happy Holidays my Friends, As is my tradition, this year in lieu of gifts and in appreciation of all my valued customers, my loyal friends, and loving family, I have sentdonations to World Vision and The Surfrider Foundation, organizations that operate with integrity using 85%+ of their resources directly for their programs.As I continue to research,as many as 10,000 peoplehave died each month since the conflict began in Darfur, Sudan, mainly due to pervasive and preventable disease and hunger. Ethnic conflict has driven over 2 million people into homelessness, their huts and villages pillaged, burned, and destroyed. Victims end up living inhuts in numerous camps along the edge of the Sahara. Displaced families have meager access to food, water, clothing, and shelter. Health care is also extremely limited. And killings and sexual assaults are rampant. Families barely survive, living in conditions rarely seen. The lives of thousands of children are threatened, their fathers, homes, and communities lost.These beautiful children of God face a bleak future without us.

I have come a long way from spending Spring Breaks on the Redneck Riviera (That’s the Florida Panhandle to all of you above the Mason Dixon Line)to becoming a capitalist who gets to workin the rewarding business of recycling and traveling to beaches everywhere. As you all know I go to any beach I can anytime I can. I want my kids to enjoy the beaches of the world. There is peace by the water. The Surfrider Foundation is working proactively to promote conservation and responsible coastal management that avoids creation of coastal hazards or erosion problems. The Surfrider Foundation supports coastal research and science-based management of coastal resources to promote sustainable, long term planning and preservation of beach environments including public access to them.These beautiful creations of God face a bleak future without us.Personally, I make a lot of mistakes and please forgive me when I do but don’t ever forget my truest of intentions and that is all I do is based on how much I love each of youand how much I love this old world thatGod put me on to share with all of you andwith the billions I never meet. In my southern drawl, I wishy’all a prosperous New Year. Pray for peace. Mahalo froman old Parrothead,

Tom Hicks

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  1. jim moriarty says:

    Well said. Our family (my brothers and sisters) are all directing the money we’d spend on each other toward Darfur, Sudan as well. In fact, I’d suggest all those that read this mail donate to that cause.

    As the person leading Surfrider I thank you for your kind words. Yes, our oceans, waves and beaches are in serious turmoil. Our staff at Surfrider (now spanning the globe) sincerely appreciates all your support.

    This year, let’s give to Sudan.

    Merry Christmas.
    Jim Moriarty
    Executive Director, Surfrider Foundation

    Sudan giving link

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