Living At Mach Speed


Machiavelli said, “Men are more apt to be mistaken in their generalizations than in their particular observations.” Itis always easier to hate a group and its dogma than a person, especially when you can sit down with them and have a cup of coffee or tea and just talk…and then be able to make a statement like one of my favorite philosophers, Will Rogers, “I bet you if I had met him and had a chat with him, I would have found him a very interesting and human fellow, for I never yet met a man that I didn’t like.” I believe he was speaking of Leon Trotsky, so go figure!

I always come back to God and “Mach the knife” said this profoundly about that. “God is not willing to do everything, and thus take away our free will and that share of glory which belongs to us.”so wrote, Niccol Machiavelli. Achievement and self-satisfactionare not in conflict with my God beliefat all and actually, God has,in my opinion, never been about taking away anything, but instead giving, and giving more abundantly. Republicsneed strong leaders.First, they inspire and beget virtue in others, and citizen virtue as well as military virtue is vital in protecting the republic from internal as well as external dangers. Although Machiavelli has confidence in the multitude, individual leadership is necessary in some particular affairs. The second function of virtuous men is to prevent corruption. All peoples tend to become corrupt in time, and this is because they graduallylose their fear and respect for the law. (Rings a couple of bells)

In my view, our founding fathers (Jefferson and the gang) incorporated many ofÂMachiavelli’s basic concepts intoÂAmerican psyche, directly or indirectly as I have described above. Admittedly, he is “kick ass” in many ways, but like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War (yes, there are two Arts of War), look not at just the overt, but the underlying currents ofstatements about politics, businessand ethics in general.

A founding father figure like Washington in our country’s caseis needed, according to Machiavelli,to perform excessive and notable? executions to refresh people’s memories.

A cold one and a founding father figure like Washington are both refreshing in their own ways.



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