Moses Me

Clearly we all now accept the concept of an advanced state of ourselves. This prospect is built right into the physical body that is properly exercised and we see the evidence as it becomes stronger for what it is asked to do by its captain.

So too does there exist an invisible method of spiritual success built into the willing soul. In the often understated holds of the soul deep beneath the deck does true success come, completed by the conscious abandonment of the perceived self that operates out of fear and doubt.

For me, I have longed to discover that I am not bound by time..and that this old pirate’s true treasure begins with the confidence that I am not here on earth to be perfected according to an image I hold of myself, but rather to permit the flow of divine excellence in me outside of time if I would but wish it to be so for openers.

Faith in spiritual terms is born of such a passion that perceives the possibility of any accomplishment before its time, and then behaves as though it already is so. Though this is a hard teaching, one would say to his Master, with this faith one grasps the true reason of his life on this earth, and then he can hope to know the true meaning of spiritual and physical success.

I am reminded again of a time in space. I had no business going up to the top of that Montana Mountain, but it was a good day and a tough day concurrently for it was the first time that my son skied past me and I simply couldn’t catch him. Oh, I tried for a few moments and then I stopped and watched as he schussed blissfully around a turn and disappeared.

I now fulfill my physical endeavors in spurts but the possession of a sought after goal is not its truest value. It is feeding the sense of adventure that separates existing from real living.

I have a sense of adventure and so do most of you in your own unique way and that quest costs us a great deal of dinero. But it’s all worth it. First it is a goal, one of many that must be prioritized. Then we actually do it; travel, learn about romance, do fun but sometimes dangerous activities and then immerse ourselves into adventures of the mind and heart.

I am still exploring the far reaches of my mind and my body and its abilities, but as time wears on, I am more intrigued by adventures of the spirit. I often am having such an adventure while doing the most mundane tasks in the midst of daily activities. This exodus reflects my understanding of the dynamic nature of the spirit’s adventure as it flees the bounds of the past.

In doing so I become Moses.



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