Thanksgiving Cogitations

Aloha Pilgrims!

No matter how old you get, when you go back to somewhere special, you get young again. We all have a built in time machine in us. And two places where we live in the exact same moment, maybe many more. My list of things to try and places to see are not limited to this world and this time.

As my favorite flyfisherman, Izaak Walton said, God has two dwellings: one in heaven and the other in a meek and thankful heart. I am so grateful as I prepare for Thanksgiving which Abe Lincoln set aside as a national day of prayer and reflection. I will slip my big appetite into my Tommy Bahama palm tree boxer shorts with an ample elastic band; pull on my loose fitting favorite soft chinos and button up my roomy Aloha Shirt; position my feet into those easy gliding form fitted flip flops and my hungry spirit into Hickey’s big head and body and I will set out to nourish my reason to be, my Raison d’etre that alter ego who will sit beside me at the bountiful table of a universe of my Jack London visions and my Hemingway dreams as I motor toward Carolina’s version of the Himalayas expending fossil fuel along the merry way to my pumpkin pie destiny.

I will build a fire for I am also thankful that I have matured enough to play with matches and there I will be damn thankful for everything and everybody as God winks at me from a strategic kitchen side table near Alpha Centauri.

I will be most thankful as I look for the man in the moon and pour myself a drink from with the Big Dipper for just being known for we all long to be known: “it is the unspoken hope of the heart that something Greater than ourselves already knows the undiscovered places in our soul, and only waits to show us all that we are.”

But, as yet, we mortals know not even ourselves and so I am also very thankful for the journey into that undiscovered country where true self-knowledge is the secret partner of this longing that accepts no other lover.

Relax and be thankful, you are eternal!

Your Bruddah, Hickey

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