Fairness in flawed me is an ideal and I fall short on implementation of it personally as I do in many things as a human, except for my acceptance of the expression of indescribable love in my life, which is the hardest to understand but the most important in shaping my experience. It is indeed one of those mysteries or miracles that you might be able to explain away easily, but as for me, it seems perfectly fair. In the world of self, thoughts can’t be kept secret and what I think I am is who I am and the unfolding circumstances of my life are a result of what I have thought them to be.

In the spiritual world, the soul has no secrets and what God thinks I am is who I am and the unfolding circumstances of my life are a result of what God has thought them to be. In perfect unity, where spirit and self unite, there are no secrets and thought and circumstance are gloriously one. There I am free to love. I say you can’t take the invisible, and quite dangerous I might add, journey with God into your heart and mind and then be stationary in your visible life.

I believe that we are instructed to “ask and receive” and that this methodology is not a recitation of a platitude that is easy to remember and piously quote, but rather is an unchanging Law unto itself; and our dreams expressed as visions and ideals, are the precursor what we become. These are the building blocks of who we are.

It is why we should honor the “composer, sculptor, painter, poet, prophet, and sage” who gives us a vision of what heaven is like. Their dreams of beauty become the reality of beauty for us. We can do the same for others by how we live our lives. In humankind’s world, the “..Strength of the effort is the measure of the result. Chance is not.” Successful people are not lucky or favored in my view of the world but are direct expressions of their inspired journey. These examples have volunteered (chosen) to sacrifice and pursue their worthy goal and to an outsider it may look like good fortune but it is the realization of the noble and lofty dreams that entered their thoughts and these thoughts were determined to be worthy by the contemplative recipient of these “angelic messages”, which required of them a sacrifice of their most valuable earthly resource, their indeterminable time.

Faith without works is dead…and a waste of time.


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