Take a Trip and Never Leave the Farm

When you head outon a new adventure, it is certainly helpful to know where the heck you are going or at least with the help of your Atlas or compass or GPS, thegeneral direction in which you are moving, but don’t forget: the only thing that isreal about yourtrip is the step that you are taking at this exact second.

That’s all there ever really is.

…Yourjourney may take you amillion miles; your innerself only takes only one step: the step you are in the moment. As you become more deeply aware of this one step, you realize that it already contains within it the totality of all the other steps as well as every possible twist and turn to anydestination.

This one step is to Oneness, and the light of thatwill shine Its own Light through you. This is both the purpose and fulfillment of your inner journey, the journey to Self…the journey to you.

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