If ourbelief system has us trying to do the right thing, in the right moment for the right reasons, there is no other possible outcome than for us to know Rightness. Such Rightness is its own reward; in the future, yeah sure, but also right now. It is free of conflict because it is whole, and being whole it never seeks confirmation, which means it is fearless. These facts reveal that the path to true happiness is not an up-hill road to be struggled over each day, but is a place found within our own heart that reveals our future in the moment. It is the path of willingness to see ourselves as we are and as we will be, all at once; a new order of watchfulness. Watch and Pray is an oldstandby ofmy boyhood faith that has served me well.

But that peace itself can sometimes be a mystery for to use another verse of wisdom from St. John of the Cross, “In the end, we know God as unknown.” I would probably say for humans not completely knowable, but nonetheless for me, completely lovable based on my own and I add personal experience. Each must have his or her own personal understanding. As the husband of a teacher who often reflects as did Santanya that “The problem is how to get experience out of education. What is true education? Experience? Knowledge? Love?

I keep telling myselfthat my experience teaches me to not to be afraid to see when something doesn’t work. Instead Can I Learn to be sensitive and to listen to the inner signals that try to tell you when something isn’t working. Inner aching and unseen attachments go hand in hand. You already know some of these signals such asfrustration and resentment. Realizing that The presence of these emotional troubles aren’t trying to tell you that you can’t succeed, only that the road you’ve insisted upon taking so far doesn’t lead where you want. Learning to admit when something isn’t working is the same as teaching yourself what will. Isn’t it?


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