Law of Personal Attraction

As we observe those around us, ourlessons aboutTruthdirect us to those relationships in life that areconnected to the Truth we areseeking.

Ithas been said that as youprogress in your love of Truth and therefore from my perspective, God, your naturebecomes a law unto itself thatattracts what is helpful, healthy, and loving and avoids the opposite while understandingthe opposite’s existence.

In short, while it is good to find others who journey aongside you in the Truth expressed as your own freedom to live your life, defined by some as your destiny; the search for others and the ensuing relationships we have with those who are embracing their nature and its truthis ultimately directed by our own wish for the Truth. That isgood, very good. It is often spoken of as oneness.

In Montana, beneath the veil of the Big Sky, I found that the metaphor for that oneness is embracing the universe and the woman that I love simultaneously in the presence of God. That is also good, very very good.

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Cap’n Hickey and his First Mate

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