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I hate to see people hurt,especially me, and my ACL repair job as a result ofa ski trip to Sunday River in Maine in 2001 has left me not exactly the same but as painful as the physical pain may be and the recurringaches andstiffness that it has placed on me when I get too ambitious, there is other pain that is even more hurtful and sadderand is also quite commonplace.

Infidelity and defeat is not that unusual at all. You will be stunned if you are not already so at just how sad the human condition remains and even sadder that a great deal of that pain is unneccessary.
We live in a world where all of the planet’s people either know or have been taught by many great thinkers and leaders that our biggest fear is well, our secret fear.
It’s just no small wonder that almost everyone we meet and actually even those we don’t ever meet act out their lives in secret conspiracies and twisted plots just like the ten little Indians in the Agatha Christie play I am now performing.
All of these covert ploys are designed to bring about security and freedom fromany pain. The irony isthat the pain actually begins and the security is lostfrom within the moment you begin to scheme.

But here’s the real answer in my opinion for those of us who want a better life and my sacred teacher said it best: Leave the dead to bury the dead.

We have, as I sense that each of you are beginning to appreciate, far more important work to do than worry about security in a universe where black holes swallow up entire galaxies.

The Tylenol Kid,


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