Times are “still” a changin’

activist.jpgPeace Brothers and Sisters,

I became a student activist in the early 70’s. I wanted to change the world. I was ready to fight the good fight. I was right about a few things and wrong about a lot of things. Actually, I was innocently naive. Now, even thoughI consider myself a pacifist at heart, I know the realities of conflict.
Way back in the early 60’s, I was bullied once by a kid named Wheezer Jenkins. One day, I got so mad that I did the buzz saw move with both arms flailing and after the blood, sweat, and tears cleared, we both caught our breath and while we were never best friends, we had respect for each other.
I once bullied a kid named David Godby and he turned on me and whipped my ass after landing an unexpected groin kick that completely and I mean completely incapacitated me. I still winch when I think of it. “Even Stevens” as one of mytechnicians Muck would say.
Around 500 BC, Sun Tzusaid, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” I would agree but realistically,in each of our lives comes some battles, those fights that must be made; however, the key to true victory within ourselvesis not that we “win” at all costs, but rather that we remain true, kind, and innocent in spite of the costs. I would like tothink I have remained innocent in a way.
As my Irish brother William Butler Yeats would muse, “The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time.” How do we whip time’s butt?
We should never measure ourselves according to what we think our possibilities are — as all such estimations are always limited conclusions reached by a self that secretly evaluates it own past in order to measure what may be its future; rather we ought to have faith in the impossible, as the soul is created to transcend itself and all that went before and into its earthly birth!

Just as the achievement of a Higher state of itself is built right into the physical body that is properly exercised, whereby it becomes stronger for what it is made to do, so too does there exist an invisible system of spiritual success built into the willing soul; only in the subtler realms of spiritual works true success of the soul is realized by the conscious abandonment of the self that would succeed according to its own will.

For me,I have discovered that I am notbound by time and that true treasure begins with the faith thatI am not here on earth to be perfected according to an imageI hold of myself, but rather to allow Perfection to work its way upon me outside of time… So that only the awareness of something Greater thanme can drawme into a Greatness beyond me, ifIchoose it to be so.

“True faith, as it concerns the success of the soul, is born of a Love that doesn’t just ‘hope in things unseen, but that sees the potential of its fulfillment before its time, and then acts as though it already is. Until one understands the true purpose of his life on this earth, he cannot hope to know the true meaning of success of the soul.”‘

Still actively pursuing…

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