Tall Tales

Hicks on trike.jpgI learned a lot whenI rode mytricycle that Santa delivered to me. I spent many hours zooming through the universe of make believe. As I grew I began to havetete-a-tetes with my imaginary friend, Vincent. I recently asked my Momwhere I came up with a friend named Vincent and she thought it may havesome subconscious mental connection to film great,Vincent Priceof the horror genre films. I liked monsters.

My wife and I talked about tall tales while having our morning coffee andchatting about her third graders usage of images to learn about “life”. I remember that I also like adventurers for I would meet up with Buck Rogers or Jungle Jim at the end of our side walk around the corner by the big forsythia bush. My grandfather would hear me in there talking to “nobody”and would ask, “Who is that fellow you are talking to, boy? He got a kick out of my fantasies. I remember his laugh.

It makes me think how our lives are filled with tall tales that use stories to teach us aboutvirtues and truth in the third person via manufactured states of being. Kids know they aren’t factual stories, but they also know that facts and reality are a tricky business.

I wrote a verse abouta few of my adventuresbeforeI hop one day on that mythical boat that is shaped like a big smile and request thatthe oldferryman, Charontransport me across the river, Styxinto another place where new stories will be told. It may not be exactly like that, but it paints an interesting picture. Any who, I call this verse Tall Tale Trivia.

I am Johnny Appleseed
Yielding fruit as I go,
Blazing Paul Bunyan trails
With axe and blue ox in tow,
I am Pecos Bill rowdy
Lassoing wild-west twisters,
I go star hopping Pleiades
Visiting the Seven sisters;
Me, the engineer Casey Jones
Gathering up a head of steam,
Honing my Jim Bowie knife
In a Rip van Winkle dream,
A Lancelot in Cargo Shorts
John Henry in an old T-shirt,
Aladdin wearing flip flops
Whirling dervish on high alert;
Legends, fables, folk lore,
Metaphors and allegories,
Sagas, yarns, and tales;
Identity in our life stories!

Yeah those tall tales arefun to tell, but even better is the reality ofliving in the first person. We are born as Guy Finley suggests, “with a nature that is as new as eachmoment, and that always meetseach new moment for the first time.”

I think thatI can only be happy whenI live in the first person but then I talk to myself.


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