Uncertainty and Monkey Bar Expeditions

first grade.jpgGee, I have a big ol’ head. The first week of school, after they told us that the Russians might blow us up at any minute, they told us to be careful of the monkey bars on the playground. They were dangerous.So laterthere I stood at the bottom of those monkey bars which looked taller than the Empire State Building and I asunderstandably shaky.After a few days of prodding by new my friend,a kid who wore glasses that were thicker than the bottom of coca cola bottles; I began climbing and made it tothe very top, a perch whereonlythe brave could sit. I remember feeling like I was on top of the world when I sat there, though I was a little uncertain.

Uncertainty isnot something we seek out because it doesn’t always feel good. We get uneasy each time itrears its head in our lives.Is it possible thatwe could ever be aware enough to seeuncertainty’s good side on the front end or that wecould ever accept thatinour greatest fear, even that of our dyingwewill come to the end of what we know and then be reborn to what we are? The lastlesson wemay learn as physical manifestations may be that nobattle of ours can ever end ina victoryuntil it’s rebornas a decision to die to what wages war within us. There can be found at various times a sort of “conditional comfort” in the things we see with oureyes and there are lots of pretty things and millions of shinythings out there. I do not discount them.

But there is an indwelling and unconditional peace in the living Light of Truth and Love through which all things may be seen if chosen to be seen.Free will affords the opportunity to see peace if you choose.

Just know in faith that when you can’t see it, it’s still there. When you can’t feel it, it’s still there. When you can’t know it, it’s still there.

It’salways there…waiting at the top ofthose dangerous monkey bars.

I still have a big ol’ head.


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