Three Decades

I saw Peter Frampton on Fox and Friends this morning. He still rocks. Frampton Comes Alive released in 1976 is still a classic album. Three decades hasn’t changed that. The only thing that has changed is he has a few extra pounds and his long blonde locks are gone & replaced with short hair the same color as mine or should I say the absence of color. I had no idea when I bought that album that I was buying a piece of rock history instead of just making a transaction with my hard earned dough.

Some people in the business world think of their business dealings as spot market transactions. That there is simply value given for value received, period. There is nothing more and nothing less. It balances out. This tit-for-tat method of operating can produce monetary and momentary success, but it doesn’t necessarily invoke the power of reciprocity and so fails to yield that remarkable success that produces wealth instead of mere riches.
From what I can determine in this life of mine, as a direct or more often indirect result of the invisible laws of perfect reciprocity, anything that I do to help someone else grow beyond the restrictions of their current state yields the same order of growth within me. As you grow, I grow. Therefore I am your biggest fan and it benefits me to be.
I am also God’sfanand I believe that reciprocation generally flows from Universal Law or Divine Law if you like. What I am saying is that there are laws. Perhaps, the most important of these laws to me is the ‘law of love.’ Basically, “Love is Law, Law is Love. God is Love, Love is God.”
Now knowledge changes as it involves temporary understanding of facts. Truth involves reality values. Scientific “knowledge”, often called truth, changes like when the microscope and telescope were developed.
Sensory intellectual “truth” changes for me each time I discover a new level of spiritual truth. When I speak of love, I speak of me in these terms of truth. Truth guides me toward all truth, surviving all challenges along the way. That is my test for it.

Each of you has helped me know more about me than I could ever have begun to know without you.My individualexperience is my journey and my discipline, butthe Truth is so far beyond labels and institutions that it may not appearto others as religion at all. I could never pigeon hole my understanding of it by defining itas such because the depth of it is so mysterious.

I often am amazed by how it moves and meandersthrough me myself. I hope that my intention to express it is not intrusive to you, but instead opens a doorfor you in your experience. Truth has led me and continues to lead me toward an irresistible freedom that is quite indescribablesince its major component is notsensory, that aspect of my humanitythat I rely on in my daily experiences.

My chosen Teacherwisely taught that nothing which human nature touched can be assumed to be infallible, andleftno real written recordnorcreeds or theology. Instead, He urged people to each receive the Spirit of Truth from within themselves, and therein discover the “kingdom of heaven” with unadulterated truth. It is my quest to do that.

Living Truth is a dynamic individual experience, forever unfolding, always growing, and expanding. Work with me and I will work with you no matter what thetemporary nature of our transactions may be.

Reciprocally yours and as you can see below, always changing and in more than one way expanding,

hicks in 761.jpg1976 while Frampton Came Alive

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